Services for seniors

Social-dancing-inspired workshops for seniors

Atelier - Services aux ainés

Social outreach by a trained, experienced team

Looking for physical activity ideas that are adapted to seniors residences? Coming up with activities in retirement homes isn’t always easy. That’s why the Prima Danse team offers art-therapy-type workshops designed especially for seniors.

Focused on dance, fitness, and psychomotor exercises, these classes aim to break seniors’ isolation, promote socialization, and offer an accessible, rhythmic artistic experience. Whether in a single session or a dance performance, groups sharpen skills related to creativity, cooperation, memory, coordination, balance, and the communication of emotions.

This is an original and enjoyable way to get seniors to stay in shape by leading active lives at the retirement residence.

Do you want to know more – the outline of the activity, the Prima Danse approach, the time commitment, costs, and other information? Download our brochure (Fr) !

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Single workshops, multi-week sessions, and dance performances available.