Gender stereotypes

Awareness workshop on sexual stereotypes related to homophobia

In a context where fighting homophobia is increasingly integrated into the school curriculum, Prima Danse addresses gender stereotypes in advertising, sports, the media, and childhood stereotypes in an interactive way. Our approach promotes gender equality and the influence of these stereotypes on the behaviour of heterosexual and homosexual youth.

Learning objectives

  • Giving participants tools to face sexism in music videos and advertising
  • Raising awareness of bullying based on sexual stereotypes
  • Developing critical thinking about homophobic behaviour
  • Highlighting positive models and promoting openness
  • Making participants aware of their own behaviour and power to act
  • Adopting healthy habits

Prima Danse is a professional resource that collaborates with school and community personnel on the topic of bullying and homophobia related to gender stereotypes.

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The content of our workshop has been reviewed by a number of professionals:

Gris Montréal

Le Groupe de Recherche et d’Intervention Social de Montréal
(Gris Montréal )