Dance sessions

Dance sessions for after-school services, school parties, and day camps

Creative, artistic, and sport activities with various themes!

Prima Danse sessions are adapted to your thematic activities, educational sessions, and extra-curricular activities to help make your activity scheduling easier. Turnkey activities to bring young people together and fire them up intellectually and physically! Ideal for Christmas parties, physical education month, themes such as Around the world, and many more!

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Music video or musical simulation

Participants discover the reality of film sets by learning and creating a choreography inspired by musical film. They work on performance, staging, creation, and group choreographies.

Flash mobs!

Whether for an indoor or outdoor activity, Prima Danse gets hundreds of young people to dance to a single track! Participants also create their own small-scale choreography in small groups. Everything is filmed, and accessories and costumes can be added.

Lip dubs

Singing and dancing in front of a camera while presenting your school, team, or day camp! Through various cooperative activities, Prima Danse brings participants to learn a choreography, act, and invent their own dance moves. The challenge lies in getting it all done in a single take!

Create your own show!

At a day-long event, participants are invited to get moving, shake off their shyness, and work as a team to the beat of the music. Inspired by a theme of your choosing, Prima Danse helps young people create a dance performance that will be filmed and can even be shown to parents!