Bullying awareness

Awareness workshop on the importance of bystanders in bullying situations

To support plans to fight school bullying and violence, Prima Danse is a different, turnkey tool that prompts young people to think about and take responsibility for the impact of harassment and discrimination, and possible ways to fight bullying. The workshop, which has been reviewed by social workers, is a stimulating activity that promotes physical and artistic expression.

Learning objectives

  • Developing social skills to build healthy relations with others
  • Foster self-worth and assertiveness
  • Develop critical thinking about bullying situations in social media and at school
  • Acquire better tools to counter various bullying situations
  • Making participants aware of their own behaviour and power to act
  • Adopting healthy habits

Prima Danse is a professional resource that complements the various tools available to intervene and react to bullying in elementary and secondary schools.

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The content of our anti-bullying workshop has been reviewed by a number of professionals:

Nika Naimi

Nika Naimi, Master’s degree in Culture and Values in Education from McGill University’s Integrated Studies in Education department Linkedin

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The Prima Danse team also drew inspiration from the Canadian Red Cross’ Beyond the Hurt: Bullying and Harassment Prevention seminar. Canadian Red Cross.