Awareness of the importance of assertiveness

Awareness workshop on healthy assertiveness for openness to diversity

TThe issue of cultural diversity has been everywhere in the last few years. Prima Danse talks about it in a positive, stimulating, and most importantly, judgment-free way! Accessible even to children in early elementary school, Prima Danse’s cooperative activities highlight the richness of difference, whether that difference is physical, ethnic, social, or other!  A workshop for boys and girls aged 3 to 103!

Learning objectives and cross-curriculum competencies developed

  • Learning to value cultural, physical, and sexual diversity
  • Becoming familiar with the richness of difference and open-mindedness
  • Promoting intercultural exchange
  • Structuring one’s identity
  • Realizing the power of one’s own leadership and developing a positive sense of self-esteem
  • Making participants aware of their own behaviour and power to act
  • Adopting healthy habits

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