Prima Danse workshops

Our workshops

Educational workshops to raise awareness of social issues, differently!

  • Improve assertiveness and esteem among youth and seniors
  • Promote diversity and healthy body image
  • Strengthen cooperation and creativity among boys and girls

Social outreach by a trained, experienced team

In a world where schools and teachers must now combat bullying at the elementary and secondary levels, and address notions of sexual education and hypersexualization among girls and boys, it can be very difficult to assemble the necessary resources to meet these needs.

That’s why since 2010, the Prima Danse team has been developing turnkey social outreach and awareness workshops for school environments (elementary and secondary, classroom or extracurricular settings) and community settings such as youth centres.

More than 20,000 young girls and boys have experienced the educational, interactive, and artistic nature of Prima Danse’s awareness-through-dance workshops.

Workshop contents are fully reviewed by professional social workers such as sexologists, psychologists, etc.

Throughout Quebec and other provinces across Canada, bilingual workshop leaders travel to schools to provide workshops customized to different environments and clienteles. Workshops that use the body as self-expression tackle the topics of sexual education, hypersexualization, gender stereotypes, assertiveness, and bullying, whether in single sessions or over the course of several weeks.

Learning objectives and cross-curriculum competencies developed

  • Having respect for others and openness through cooperative activity
  • Implementing creative thought
  • Applying critical thinking to one’s own behaviour and power to act
  • Adopting healthy habits
  • Developing a positive body image and attitude for better assertiveness
  • Applying critical thinking
  • Structuring one’s identity
  • Cooperating

Prima Danse also offers free post-workshop educational tools. They aren’t courses per se, but rather activities added to the child’s journey that can integrate with the academic curriculum.

Funding programs are available for certain organizations in underprivileged communities. Write to us for details on selection criteria.