Social mission

Social mission through dance

Using the art of dance as a way to foster healthy lifestyles and as social outreach among various client groups that are considered vulnerable, throughout Quebec and other provinces across Canada.

Since 2010, Prima Danse has had an innovative business model, using dance to tackle various social issues, including those related to physical and mental health. Through its desire to use dance to bring young people of various genders, nationalities, religions, and socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, Prima Danse makes this medium of self-expression accessible in a whole new way.

Prima Danse is a team of driven and motivated young entrepreneurs who truly listen to young people. Our offices are in Montreal, but we have teams of specialized workshop leaders in Quebec City, Sherbrooke, and Montreal. This helps clients save by cutting down on travel costs!

Year in, year out, Prima Danse works tirelessly to renew its educational material and remain on the lookout for new trends among youth. Employees work in synergy to develop efficient, youthful, and innovative working methods.

Getting young people moving and providing social outreach through dance

The main objectives of this non-profit organization are

ATo offer various artistic experiences to young people aged 10 to 30.

BTo help youth develop a sense of belonging, better self-esteem, and better physical condition.

CTo promote dance among the general public as a way of leading a healthy lifestyle.

DTo foster dialogue between various communities.